Special Formats

  • Channel-Presenting

    High attention by content-near integration


    • Fix integration "sponsored by" + Logo
    • On Wap Portal with additional BannerAd at the end of the page according to MMA (Animation possible)
    • Booking: total, welcome page, fields
    • Header clickable, not animated (Prod.costs 330 €)
    • Competitive exclusion
    • Minimum booking period of 4 weeks
    • Minimum booking volume 5.000 €
    • No Network rotation
    • Can be booked on ProSieben, Sat1, kabeleins, N24, ran, fem.
    Price: TKP as welcome page / fields according to price list (except Sat.1 Games and SevenGames 50 €)


  • Format Special Sponsoring

    Sponsoring of a Format-Special of your choice


    • The fans get information on the way and find everything concerning their format
    • Integration of the customer-logo (clickable) in the Homepage-Teaser for the Special and on each page of the Special
    • Format and length of the integration on request
    • Mediagross on request
    • Plus Production costs for Special- and Teaser-Production of ca. 4000 €


  • MOBILE MICROSITE on m.MyVideo.de

    Send us your video, also on the way!


    • The Online Mircosite can be extended on mobile.MyVideo.de.
    • Look and Feel as well as the action-contents are taken by the Online-Special for the mobile Microsite.
    • Users have the possibility to upload their video directly via form and that without login!
    Possible Features:
    • Integration of the Special in the main navigation or alternatively as banner
    • Online Videos are adopted for the mobile version and vice versa;
    • Video-Upload by MMS or by form;
    • Advantage: Video Upload and Surfing is possible without login!
    Initial price:  5.000 € in the first month


Examples for the functions of a Landingpage
Click to download contentUsers can download mobile content directly on their mobile phone (Wallpapers, Screensaver, Themes, Sound, Video, Personalized Content, Mobile Coupons)
Click-to-callUsers can call the Call-Center of the advertising customer directly.
Click to order brochureUsers get advertising material after entry of their postal address.
Click-to-locateUsers are shown the next shop, trader or cinema, possible by location-based services.
Click to enter competitionUsers can participate directly in a competition.
Click to receive mobile couponUsers get a coupon to convert on POS.
Click to enter branded Mobile Web sitesExternal Linking on the mobile Websites of the advertising customer
  • Portal Branding3)

    Pigmentation of fixedly defined portal areas according to CI of advertiser

    Scope of services Portal-Branding:

    • Delivery as temporally linked exclusive-booking
    • Possible areas for the Portal-Branding are:
      a fixedly defined area around the banner,
      the whole background colour of a page
    • Combination with Portal Header Placement possible
    • No AI-Guarantee

  • Bigger formats with Mobile Rectangle

    High-attention advertising form

    • Double Banner-height (300x100 Pixel)
    • Also Special Formats possible (Online formats 300x250 Pixel, no Flash) e.g. for Logout page Lokalisten
    Price: addition of 10 € in all placement units


  • 1) 9.000 € 2 weeks, price for one video per booking on MyVideo and N24
    2) ProSieben 1 week 7.000 €, 2 weeks 11.200 €, plus 330 € production costs per video integration and VAT / Technical Specifications see basic presentation
    3)Price and implementation per platform on request

Ulrike Frantz

Project Manager Sales

+49 (0) 89 / 9507-4351 E-Mail