• Specifications Pushdown Ad (Spot)


    Format:          SWF
    Size:               728 x 90 px (collapsed)
                           728 x 300 px (expanded)
                           (A width of max. 800 px is possible on some platforms. Please discuss with us before start of

    Weight:           80 KB
    Sound:            yes (please pay attention to note)
    Streaming:     yes (please pay attention to note)
    3rd-Party:       no
    Animation:     10 seconds
    Essential:       Click command (or URL)

    Note:               - Streamings/Sounds need to have an ‘on’ or ‘off’ button
                            - Sound only starts with a click on a ‘sound-on’ button (no mouseover)
                            - Sounds are not allowed to loop
                            - The volume of the medium has to be adequate


    JavaScript functions from SWF with MouseOver:


    JavaScript functions from SWF with MouseOut:
    (At the end of the animation fulfillment the script call needs to be called up from the medium.)


    Delivery: Please send the mediums within 5 working days to admanagement@sevenonemedia.de

  • Special ads with HTML5

  • Special ads with HTML5

    When delivering HTML5 advertising we only need a JavaScript redirect.

    The motif needs to be rendered in an iframe. The SOM "clickTag" URL is passed as a request parameter in the JavaScript redirect.

    The communication between the page and the iframe uses postMessage. The event attributes "origin" and "data" should be validated. The scalability (expand and collapse) or closing of the advertising (depends explicitly on the advertising material) must be implemented.

    Please note our information to 3rd-Party Redirects, Streaming and HTML5.