• Specifications PreRoll Tandem Overlay


    Specifications VideoAd


    Format:          AVI / MOV / WMV / MP4 / MPG
    Rate:               16 : 9
    Resolution:    818 x 460 px (recommended)
    Sound:           Needs to be integrated in the video. That means all audio tracks need to be overlaid with audio.
    3rd-Party:      no
    Essential:      Click command (or URL). Optional tracking pixel (not in hausgemacht.tv). No JavaScript pixel.
    Length:          max. 30 seconds. Longer spot length on request.

    Note:              - FLV is not a significant video format
                           - Please deliver the video material in its best quality
                           - The video shouldn’t exceed the size of max. 100 MB
                           - Videos in SWF-format are not possible


    Please consider:
    Because of technical reasons we can’t prevent that the notification about the length of the spot overlays the player window and therefore covers up parts of the video ad.


    Data transfer:
    Videos with a size of maximum 10 MB can be sent via e-mail to admanagement@sevenonemedia.de. We will ask you for a download link if it comes to bigger files (till max. 100 MB).


    Specifications Overlay:


    Close Button
    An Overlay can’t have a close button because it will be added by us.


    Advertising references
    Labelling as ‘Promotion’ or ‘Anzeige’ is not necessary because it will be labelled by SevenOne Media automatically.


    Format:          SWF

    Size:               900 x 140 px
    Weight:          max. 100 KB
    Sound:           no
    Tracking:      Clickcommand and Image Trackingpixel (no JS pixel) possible
    3rd-Party:      no
    Note:               If we received a Superbanner in swf format, we could only use it under following conditions:
                            - SWF has to be programmed in Actionscript 3 
                            - The lowest level has to constitute a background colour (stage colour). It can’t be transparent.
                            - SWFs or FLVs within the delivered SWF can’t be after imaged. 
                            - Overlay can only obtain a relevant code for clicks and animations. Several commands (e.g. fscommand,

                              Stage.scaleMode etc.) couldn’t be used if they can influence a superior SWF.
                            - The whole graphical content of an Overlay must be ‘masked’. In case some graphical elements will flow

                              beyond the stage, the player will include this in its size calculation of the Overlay-SWF. This would

                              mean it will be displayed smaller scaled.


    Please send the mediums within 5 working days to admanagement@sevenonemedia.de