• Specifications Interactive VideoAd


    Format:          HTML5
    Rate:              16 : 9
    3rd-Party:      yes, on the basis of VAST2.0 standards
    Physical:        no


    Note for production:
    Method 1 – in-house:

    Of course we will offer you to get the Interactive VideoAd produced from our creative service team in-house. In this case, please send us the image and video material as well as the clickcommand or tracking pixel for the desired events.


    Method 2 – external single-handedly:

    For the creation and production of interactive Ads, you or your creative-agencies can use the ‘mov.ad VideoAd Creator’ single-handedly for free. or INNOVID For creation you need to have a video ad spot and additional material e.g. images, videos, texts, links, etc… according to the technical specifications from mov.ad. The mov.ad GmbH offers support during the creation/production of an Intercative VideoAd. Further information on http://movad.de/

    Please note:
    All iAds have to be in line with IAB standards and developed based on VPAID 2.0.
    Please find concise information in the HTML5 documentation at: http://www.iab.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/VPAID_2_0_Final_04-10-2012.pdf
    You can find detailed information on Javascript implementation for HTML5 on page 44.

    Please send the mediums within 5 working days to admanagement@sevenonemedia.de