• Specifications Flash Layer Tandem Banner


    Specifications Superbanner:
    SWF / JPG / GIF
    Size:                728 x 90 px
    Weight:           40 KB
    Sound:            no
    Streaming:     no
    3rd-Party:       yes
    Essential:       Clickkommand/Tracking pixel (no JavaScript pixel)


    Specifications Flash Layer:
              SWF / JPG / GIF
    Size:                744 x 710 px
    Weight:           40 KB
    Sound:            no
    Streaming:     no
    3rd-Party:       yes
    Essential:       Clickkommand/Tracking pixel (no JavaScript pixel)


    Note:               - In the upper third, the Flashlayer has to have a visual close-button marked with an ‘X’ or 
                              ‘Schließen” or ‘Close’. 
                            - Flashlayers have to close automatically after 10 seconds.


    Usage of ExternalInterface.call in AS2 and AS3
    AS2 requires an explicite import of the class ExternalInterface.
    Import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
    No Import for AS3.


    Function-call on close button:


    Call up of the close-function at the end of the animation:
    If the animation of the Layer has finished the SWF would also have to retrieve the close-function:


    Delivery: Please send the mediums within 5 working days to admanagement@sevenonemedia.de


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Project Manager Sales

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