• Calculation Sponsoring

  • For each billboard (opener, closer, reminder), the spot rate applicable to the next upcoming break of the program being sponsored is usually the base. The total price of sponsoring is calculated from the sum of the individual prices of all the billboards.

  • Calculation Special Placements

  • Special wishes concerning placement of a spot within a classic commercial block will entail a surcharge of 20 percent over the price for that spot.

  • Calculation Diary

  • The rate for a full Diary is based on the sum of the prices of the individual spots (price group in the specific commercial break) plus 30 percent (plus 40 percent for the booking of a half diary)

  • Exclusivity in Advertising Blocks

  • On request, SevenOne Media will offer product exclusivity in advertising blocks. The possibility and conditions of excluding competing products must be discussed individually in advance of booking.

  • OTC Prices

  • Starting 04/01/2004, the 7th Revision of the German State Broadcasting Treaty [in German, the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag] came into effect pursuant to which the obligatory announcement broadcast on radio and television for all pharmaceutical advertising in accordance with Sec. 4 Para. 5 of the HWG is tantamount to a free-of-charge public service announcement.

    SevenOne Media offers its advertising clients its own price list for obligatory OTC commercials. This makes the pricing for commercial transparent and plannable for advertising clients with commercials incl. an obligatory OTC announcement.


Ulrike Frantz

Project Manager Sales

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