• Double Specifications Sitebar


    Format:          SWF

    Fallback:       GIF or JPG

    Size:               120 x 600 px or
                            160 x 600 px or
                            200 x 600 px or
                            300 x 600 px
                            All sizes are scalable and sticky till 50 %
    Weight:          80 KB
    Sound:           yes (please pay attention to note)
    Streaming:    yes (please pay attention to note)
    3rd-Party:      yes, with restrictions
                            - the creative must not leave the designated advertising space
                            - the creative must not layer or hide behind side elements
                            - an intervention within the site (DOM) via Java Script is disallowed
                            - no technical support by SevenOne Media

    Necessary:   Click command (or URL). Potional tracking piel (no JavaScript pixel)

    Note:             - Streamings/Sounds need to have an ‘on’ or ‘off’ button
                          - Sound only starts with a click on a ‘sound-on’ button (no mouseover)
                          - Sounds are not allowed to loop
                          - The volume of the medium has to be adequate

                          - Image-Fallbacks are not scaleable


    Size:                     Sitebar left (200 x 600 px) 
                                 Sitebar right (300 x 600 px)
                                 50% scalable and sticky
    Format:               SWF  (Fallback GIF or JPG)
    Weight:               140 KB for both ads
    3rd Party:            Yes, with limitations
                                - just one redirect for both ads is allowed
                                - the creative must not leave the actual space, which means it may not connect
                                   to <body> or any other HTML elements of the site
                                 - the creative may not overlay or underlay other elements
                                 - intervention via Java Script into the site (DOM) is not permitted
                                 - no technical support provided by SevenOne Media
    Streaming:         yes, but 3rd party only, as there is an afterimaging of the video spot. Several versions of the video
                                spot should lay behind the spot, which will be displayed according to the user´s available bandwidth.
                                The afterimaged video spot´s weight is max. 1 MB.
    Sound:               yes

    Essential:           2 click-url or Clickcommand
                                2 Clicktrackings
                                optional - 1 Visibility Tracking

    General indication:
    bookable on all centered sites
    at least 5 working days before the campaign starts


    Important for creation:
    In case the medium will be opaque later on, an additional colourful area needs to be added on in the lowest flash level. That means it is not enough to just dye the stage.


    Delivery: Please send the mediums within 5 working days to admanagement@sevenonemedia.de

  • Special ads with HTML5

  • Special ads with HTML5

    When delivering HTML5 advertising we only need a JavaScript redirect.

    The motif needs to be rendered in an iframe. The SOM "clickTag" URL is passed as a request parameter in the JavaScript redirect.

    The communication between the page and the iframe uses postMessage. The event attributes "origin" and "data" should be validated. The scalability (expand and collapse) or closing of the advertising (depends explicitly on the advertising material) must be implemented.

    Please note our information to 3rd-Party Redirects, Streaming and HTML5.