• Specifications VideoAds

  • General information: 
    Automatic activation. Click Command/URL is mandatory. An image pixel (no JS pixel) is possible (besides hausgemacht.tv).
     In addition, PreRolls are also bookable as Tandem Overlays.

    Multiscreen bookings:
    Can be realized with physical delivery or 3rd-Party-Redirects via 
    AdForm, Doubleclick, Flashtalking and Sizmek. Please ensure that the landing page is optimized for mobile devices as well.

    Due to technical reasons, the notice that indicates advertisements might overlap with parts of the video ad or the player window   for the time of the spot. Please ensure to deliver ads no later than 5 workdays prior to campaign start.

    Specification for physical delivery

    Format:     AVI /  MOV / WMV / MP4 / MPG
    Size:          1024 x 576 px
    Ratio:         16:9
    File size:    Max. 100 MB
    Tracking:   Click Command and image pixel (not java script) possible
    Sound:      Sound has to be integrated into the video

    Video material should be delivered in the best quality possible. Spot length no longer than 30’’.   Longer video spots (>30’’) on   request. Sound should be included in the video which means that sound should be provided on all soundtracks.
     Please ensure to include tracking pixels upon ad delivery that are
    secured as well as non-secured.  By using macros (%%SCHEME%%), our AdServer automatically decides whether to use http or https for requests.


    Specifications on 3rd-Party delivery

    Format:              MP4 (other media knots are not permitted)
    Codec:                h264
    Size:                   16:9, 818 x 460 pixel
    3rd-Party:          Yes, based on the VAST 2 standards*
    Total bitrate:      <1.000 kbps
    Color intensity:  32-Bit
    Framerate:         25 fps
    Max. data size:  10 MB

    Please notice:
      - In the event of delivering advertising material, it is necessary to provide a redirect that is certified for SOM and Youtube
      - Please only include MP4 media knots.
      - Please carry out volume control according to EBU-R128 standards.
      - Only YouTube certified pixels should be included (Please check here: https://developers.google.com/third-party-ads/youtube-vendors?hl=en&rd=2).
      - Please provide a redirect that is secured as well as non-secured when delivering advertising material. By using macros (%%SCHEME%%), our AdServer         automatically decides whether to use http or https for requests.

    *Guidlines for VAST (VAST = Digital Video Ad Serving Template) according to IAB. Video ads on the internet should be delivered in one format which means that only one VAST-XML per spot will be needed. Further information concerning VAST 2 on www.iab.net, e.g. http://www.iab.net/guidelines/508676/digitalvideo/vsuite/vast/vast_copy

    Delivery via redirect is not possible for the 7TV app.