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    Capable health platform

    • gesundheit.de is one of the leading health portals in the German market


    • Current news about topics like health, wellness and fitness


    • Wide range of information of the categories self-test, knowledge, dictionary, advisor and help


    • Customer specific topics in categories like medicine & nutrition provide individual opportunities to place your campaign in an attractive surrounding and to reach the relevant, well-funded and educated target group of the age between 20 and 49 years



    • Summer - Healthcare during travels, sun protection
    • Autumn - cold, going fit in winter, wellness
    • Winter - cold, being fit in winter
    • Spring - cold, pollination weather, nutrition: going fit in spring


Facts and figures
0,72million unique user*
2,00million page impressions**
1,10million visits**

Source: * AGOF internet facts 2012-11; period of time single month; ** IVW 2012-12

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Ulrike Frantz

Project Manager Sales

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