• Specifications GameSpot


    Format:          AVI / MOV / WMV / MP4 / MPG
    Rate:               16 : 9
    Resolution:   818 x 460 px (recommended)
    Sound:           Needs to be integrated in the video. That means all audio tracks need to be overlaid with audio.
    3rd-Party:      yes on the basic of VAST1-Standards (please note VAST-Hinweis)
    Essential:      Click command (or URL). Optional tracking pixel (not in hausgemacht.tv). No JavaScript pixel.
    Length:          max. 30 seconds. Longer spot length on request.


    Note:              - FLV is not a significant video format
                           - Please deliver the video material in its best quality
                           - The video shouldn't exceed the size of max. 100 MB
                           - Videos in SWF-format are not possible


    VAST (=Digital Video Ad Serving Template)
    3rd-Party is possible due to Vast1-standards e.g. Mediamind, Flashtalking and Eyewonder. It is mandatory necessary that XML knots <mediafile> are being offered in minimum one FLV-format as well as one MP4-format. Thereby the FLV-format in the sequence has to be retrieved firstly.

    More detailed information about VAST1 at iab.net


    Please consider:
    Because of technical reasons we can't prevent that the notification about the length of the spot overlays the player window and therefore covers parts of the video.


    Data transmission:
    Videos with a size up to 10 MB can be sent per email to admanagement@sevenonemedia.de. For bigger files (up to max. 100 MB) we'd like to receive a download link.


    Please send the mediums within 5 working days to admanagement@sevenonemedia.de