• Specifications FlashLayer


    Format:          SWF / JPG / GIF
    Size:               400 x 400 px (other sizes on request)
    Weight:          max. 40 KB
    Sound:           no (Exception: allowed with Streaming Flashlayer booking – please pay attention to note)
    Streaming:    no (Exception: allowed with Streaming Flashlayer booking – please pay attention to note)
    3rd-Party:      yes
    Note:               - In the upper third, the Flashlayer has to have a visual close-button marked with an ‘X’

                              or ‘Schlie├čen” or ‘Close’. 
                            - Flashlayers have to close automatically after 10 seconds. (Apart from Streaming Layers which

                              have to close after 30 seconds.) 
                              Attention: On Sport1 all types of Layers can have a maximum of 10 sec as their display duration. 
                           - Transparent surfaces are not allowed to have push buttons. Only visible elements can be clickable
                           - Streamings/Sounds need to have an ‘on’ or ‘off’ button
                           - Sound only start with a click on a ‘sound-on’ button (no mouseover)
                           - Sounds are not allowed to loop
                           - The volume of the medium has to be adequate


    Usage of ExternalInterface.call in AS2 and AS3
    AS2 requires an explicite import of the class ExternalInterface.
    Import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
    No Import for AS3.


    Function-call on close button:


    Call up of the close-function at the end of the animation:
    If the animation of the Layer has finished the SWF would also have to retrieve the close-function:


    Delivery: Please send the mediums within 3 working days to admanagement@sevenonemedia.de 

  • Standard ads with HTML5

  • Standard ads with HTML5

    When delivering HTML5 advertising we only need a iframe redirect. The SOM "clickTag" URL is passed as a request parameter in the JavaScript redirect.

    Please note our information to 3rd-Party Redirects, Streaming and HTML5.