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    Playing online means playing bigpoint!

  • Let the online-games begin: bigpoint.com is one of the biggest browser game provider with more than 230 million registered users worldwide. 37 million out of that are located in Germany. In total, bigpoint provides about 70 different online games and produces 50 million ad impressions a month.


    • High daily reach on target group specific games


    • Extensive and attention attracting maxi ad on logout pages which have strong reach


    • Effective and creative online advertisment in a games surrounding


    There is a wide range of display advertising forms bookable on bigpoingt.com: fullbanner, superbanner, medium rectangle, skyscraper and wide skyscraper, wallpaper as well as halfpage ad and maxi ad. Upon consultation there is also the possibility of a homepage takeover.


Facts and figures
    0,95million unique user*
617,10million page impressions**
  94,50million visits**

Source: * AGOF internet facts 2012-11; period of time single month; ** IVW 2012-12; own data SevenOne Media and bigpoint.com

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Ulrike Frantz

Project Manager Sales

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