• Digital Out of Home

    Reach your customers at the airport, while they are waiting, departing or arriving. Our touchpoint 7AIRPORT is equipped with big sized screens showing our premium content. We offer the best possibility to catch your customers attention in an open-minded situation.

  • Digital Out of Home

    Commuters and travellers need a break, every two hours on average. They use resting facilites and do some shopping in the shop area. Our media at 7HIGHWAY reaches them in a comfortable situation and willingness to consume. 

  • Digital Out of Home

    Maximal attention, high reach and a large-scaled target group – that's the touchpoint 7URBAN! Advertising panels located in the most frequented places to turn your spot into a visual highlight. 

  • Digital Out of Home

    70% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. 7SHOP offers a big network screens at high-quality REWE supermarkets and shopping malls. Reach your customer with a spot for your product in a positive shopping experience!

  • Digital Out of Home

    Burger King is the place to go to satisfy one's appetite. Our touchpoint 7EAT offers the a large, young target group for your advertising combined with a prominent position and high reach.

Digital Out of Home

Digital out of Home - an advertising medium of the future to communicate one product to many different target groups in public and generate maximum reach. Complete your video advertising strategy in addition to classic TV, online video on desktops or mobile with the fifth element of media. Just put your advertising message in our hands and let us create a connection between your product and the consumer out of home.

Our Product - 7Screen offers a big network of screens all over Germany, prepared for promotional communication, whether on the way to work, while travelling, shopping or just spending free time. At least one of our five touchpoints will be the perfect location for your spot.

Our USP - The strong connection to the Entertainment Powerhouse ProSiebenSat.1 enables us to provide the most up to date entertaining content. We use the best content from our premium formats like red, taff, Galileo and many more.

Our Promise - We guarantee a high reach, a great number of contacts and an considerable degree of attention from target groups with high purchasing power. We reach the people you want to convince of your product.


Highlights Digital Out of Home

  • Nationwide coverage of more than 8000 screens
  • Premium content: high entertainment guaranteed
  • Sponsoring possibility of our content formats
  • Most advanced technologies in programmatic advertising
  • Services: planning tool and motive configurator

Screens Digital Out of Home

PortfolioNumber of screens and megaboards
7AIRPORT865 screens
7HIGHWAY3.410 screens
7URBAN18 megaboards
7SHOP263 screens
7EAT1.114 screens

Source: 7Screen GmbH, Oktober 2017

Experience the possibilities of Digital Out of Home