• Streaming

  •  SevenOne Media does differentiate between Flash-Streaming and Video-Streaming.

    Flash – Streaming

    is a compressed video within a flash movie or which will be downloaded by the flash movie. If you want to use a streaming provider other than the certified ones, please contact (AdManagement@71m.de)

    Video – Streaming
    is a video which will be distributed by a streaming server via Quicktime, Windows Media or Real Media. The streaming server checks the bandwith of the user and sends, according to the bandwith, an adapted amount of data in a sequence


    Every streaming must have an ‘on‘/‘off‘ button


    The sound may only start by pushing the ‘sound-on‘ button


    The maximum of 900 kb must not be exceeded!


    In each case a fallback must be provided. See specifications of integrated ads


    - Sounds are not allowed to loop

    The volume has to be adequate

    Sound function has to be ‘off‘ generally

    The user has to start sound by click on the ‘on‘ button (no mouseover possible)

    By another click the sound has to turn off again