• Rate Cards

  • The system consists of two price lists (Main Tariff (MT), Night Tariff (NT)), each of which has included one or more types of tariffs. Actual ratecards available on request.


  • The type of tariff indicates which advertising product is being coded into the system (context or advertising product-specific respectively).

  • Calculation of Spot Rates

  • The rate of a spot is based on the price for 30 seconds divided by 30 [= rate 1 second], multiplied by the actual length of the spot and the index from the table below, divided by 100. The result is rounded up to whole EUROs

Pricing Index
Spot LengthIndex
4-8 sec.130%
9-12 sec.120%
13-16 sec.112%
17-18 sec.106%
19-21 sec.103%
22-29 sec.102%
from 30 sec.100%

Ulrike Frantz

Project Manager Sales

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